Frieda Mittel

Frieda Mittel

117 Hauptstrase

Owner 1932: Frieda Mittel

Frieda Mittel (1875) was a widow, her husband Simon Mittel (1868) already died in 1916. She was dealer in textiles.
She had four children. Her youngest one Arthur (1899) left Germany in 1936 to the USA.
Frieda Mittel followed him in 1938.

Leopold Brandus

Leopold Brandus

16 Schlossgasse

owner 1932: Leopold Brandus

Leopold Brandus (1899) already died at age 32 in 1931 and left behind his wife Mali and two daughters, Klara (1927) and Doris (1929). In the same house also lived Leopold ́s single brother Julius (1905), his father Siegmund, who died in 1936 in Unsleben. The Brandus family was cattle traders, Julius also traded with machines.

Mali together with her daughters Klara and Doris and her brother­in­law Julius emigrated in the last days of 1937 to Montevideo/Uruguay.

The family structure of the Brandus family:

0. Gerst Brandus *1765 + 17.02.1845
1. Jacob Brandus * 1803 + 29.07.1882
verheiratet mit/married to Miriam Friedenbach *1802 +12.06.1876

1.1 Marianne * 17.10.1832, vermutlich unverheiratet, aus Unsleben abgewandert
1.1.1 Karoline * 27.09.1858, verheiratet mit/married to Altmann
1931 Pfründnerin/beneficiary Israel. Pfründnerspital Würzburg, Dürerstr. 20
1943 Köchin/cook Altenheim Würzburg, Bibrastr. 6
17.06.1943 deportiert nach/deported to Theresienstadt

1.2 Seligmann * 24.01.1835, + 12.03.1839
1.3 Abraham * 01.04.1837 + 09.08.1913
verheiratet mit/married to Hanna Stein, Oberfladungen * 1834 + 04.07.1893

1.3.1 Siegmund * 30.01.1868 + 11.11.1936
1. Ehe/marriage Klara Forchheimer, Thüngen + 03.01.1921
2. Ehe Regina *25.02.1873 in Weimarschmieden, 02.11.1937 verzogen nach/
moved to Mellrichstadt, 1942 Würzburg, Dürerstr.20, 23.09.1942 Deportation Theresienstadt, dort gestorben am /died there on 10.11.1942 (Darmkatarrh/enteric) Leopold *1899 + 05.03.1931
verheiratet mit/married to Mali * 16.05.1903 in Beiseförth, ausgewandert/emigrated 27.12.1937 nach/to

Montevideo/Uruguay Claire, * 23.09.1927, 27.12.1937 nach/to Montevideo/Uruguay Doris, * 17.08.1929, 27.12.1937 nach/to Montevideo/Uruguay Julius, * 03.11.1905, ausgewandert/emigrated 27.12.1937 nach/to

1.3.2 Sophie *27.07.1869, Lebenslauf unbekannt/itinary unknown

1.3.3 Carolina * 12.09.1870 + 28.06.1930

1.3.4 Anna * 10.09.1872, genannt/also Nanni, 23.09.1942 Deportation nach/to Theresienstadt

1.4 Hannchen * 04.11.1843, Lebenslauf unbekannt/ curriculum vitae unknown

Heinemann Kuhl

Heinemann Kuhl

15 Schlossgasse

Owner 1932:
Heinemann Kuhl

The house originally has been acquired by Alois Stockheimer and later by his daughter sold to Karlein.
Heineman Kuhl (1865) was horse trader and lived together with his son Herbert (1906) and his son Justin(1904) and his family in house no. 15 (now Schlossgasse 7). Justin traded agricultural and household machines.
Heinemann Kuhl emigrated with son Herbert to the CSSR in 1938. Justin emigrated with his wife Marie (1911) and son Hans Max (1935) in 1938 to New York/USA.

Karoline Liebenthal

Karoline Liebenthal

13 Schlossgasse

Owner 1932: Karoline Liebenthal

In that house the Liebenthal family had a cheese making trade. The young families did take over the Fa. Zschökel, which has been founded in 1892 in Leipzig by their uncle Hermann, transferred it in 1914 to Unsleben and erected a factory and in 1928 a villa for four families. After their emigration Hermann Müller carried on there with fabrication of lemonade.
After the war the house was taken over by the Koch­family, who enlarged the building for a shoe business. Later they converted the building for a drug store. Nowadays an office for physiotherapy is located there. Karoline Liebenthal, whose husband Adolf died already in 1923, was able to emigrate via Havanna into the USA in 1938.

Karolina Mittel

Karolina Mittel

115 Hauptstrase

Owner 1932:
Karolina Mittel

Karolina Mittel (1883) was single. The Mittels from house no. 115 have been called Fleisch(=meat)­Mittel.
End of 1939 she sold the house to Konrad Weisel, who transfered his café from the Geiersgasse(café “stoop down”) to that place.
She went to the old age home in Würzburg and from there has been deported to Theresienstadt.

Maier Bach

Maier Bach

111 Hauptstrase

Owner 1932:  Maier Bach

Maier Bach was a horse trader.
The main business was located in Meiningen.
In 1935 he moved to Meiningen.