Unsleben Album

Circa 1930

The photo (circa 1930) with the names typed on indicating people standing left to right first.  Their full names are:
standing: Ilse Mittel (Ashe), Max Naumann, Hilde Mittel Naumann, Thekla Naumann, Nathan Naumann, Theo Mittel, Fanni Naumann Mittel, Heinrich Guttman
front: Alfred Mittel, Paul Mittel, Arthur Mittel, Lotte Naumann (Hess), Otto Naumann

Circa 1938

Fred Sichel, Fred Naumann, Trude Naumann, Lotte Naumann.

Train Station Fulda 1937

Fulda train station-Oct 18, 1937.
Alfred Mittel, Nelli & Otto Liebenthal, Meta (Margie) Mittel (Alfred’s sister, later married Martin Frank and lived on a farm in pstate NY), Jewish man who worked for the Liebenthals and likely was the driver that day, Hilda & Ludwig Naumann.
This is probably the day that Ludwig, Alfred and Meta left for the USA.

Hilde Mittel Naumann

The house at Engasse 87.  Hilde Mittel Naumann seated.  Ludwig Naumann reflected in mirror.


Hilde and Ludwig Naumann

L. Naumann Familie

L. Naumann Familie-circa 1936-7:

  • Kinder: Ruth, Trude, Fred, Lotte Naumann (Trude ist eine Cousine zu den drei anderen)
  • Erwachsene: ?, Hilde & Ludwig Nauman

Mittel Siblings

Mittel Siblings-circa 1902:  Arthur (1899-1960), Hilde (1897-1991) and Gretel Mittel (1898-1927)

  • youngest sib, Nelli (1900-1996), not in photo
  • Gretel married Otto Liebenthal and died Jan 2, 1927, 6 days after giving birth.  She is buried in the Unsleben cemetery.  Her daughter was named for her (Greta (Gretel?) Liebenthal Oestreicher).  Later that year Nelli married Otto (under family pressure as it was always told to me) in order raise Greta.  In 1930 they had a child, Alice Liebenthal Schoen.  They emigrated to Cuba before coming to the USA.
  • Arthur married a cousin, Edith Mittel
  • Hilde married Ludwig Naumann

Naumann - Liebenthal

Hilde & Ludwig Naumann and Gretel Mittel Liebenthal (Hilde’s sister)


Seated: Erich Liebenthal (Julius’ son), Klaera Brandus, ?, Grete Liebenthal, Lotte Naumann, Kurt Moritz, Adolf Moritz (was MR)

Standing: ?Jewish girl worked for Lina Liebenthal, Lotte Vorchheimer worked for Jeannette Naumann (later came to USA), Lore Mittel (cousin of Hilde Naumann), Klaere Kuhl (killed), Ilse Mittel, Leo Kuhl (killed)

Back row: ?, Paul Mittel, Günther Mittel

Moritz’s went to Chile with parents and sister
Brandus’ went to Uruguay


Nauman siblings-circa 1905:

  • Ludwig (1895-1973), Fanni (1892-1971), Nathan (1899-1986), Max (1893-1989), Otto (1901-1974)
  • All but Otto emigrated to Queens, NY.  Otto went to South Africa where he married Erna in 1944.  He and Erna had two daughters and a son.  Erna made aliyah in the late 70s. Their son Steven lived in Canada for a number of years and then he and his family made aliyah. The younger daughter, Denise Treisman, made aliyah with her family directly from So. Africa. Mavis Rosenstein and her husband Neil lived in Israel for a while in the late-sixties.  Their eldest son, was born in El Arish (probably).
    Then they emigrated to the States and have been living in New Jersey.  Later this year they are returning to Israel where 4 of their 5 sons, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren live.


Hilde Naumann, Ruth Naumann, Lotte Naumann, Max Naumann (with mustache), Theo Mittel, Trude Naumann, Salli Mittel, Thekla Naumann, Ruth Mittel, Josef Mittel, Nathan Naumann.