Bernhard Donnerstag

Bernhard Donnerstag

Donnerstaghaus-Sreugasse – 76

Owner 1932:  Bernhard Donnerstag

The so­called Donnerstaghaus has been built by Mennlein Donnerstag in two steps. The right half in 1820 and the left part in 1832. It was for 100 years the only new home built by a Jew until in 1928 the Liebenthals built their villa.
Mennlein Donnerstag also was the first one, who renounced the protectorate of the castle and stopped paying for it.
The last owner was Bernhard Lustig (1860­1932), a cattle trader, who died in 1932, his wife already died in 1909.
His sons Max (1893) and Sally (1904) immigrated in time to New York. They left behind their aunt Klara (1882) who had to move to the old age home in Würzburg and from there was deported in 1942 to Theresienstadt.

Nanny Brandus

Streugasse – 56

Owner 1932:  Nanny Brandus

Nanny(Anna) Brandus(1872) lived in the home, in which her forfathers of old had lived. She was single and without a profession. The relatives(see house no. 16) left already in 1937 to Uruquay. In 1942 she had to move to Würzburg and live in the old age home, from where she has been deported in September 1942.



Bernhard Lustig

Bernhard Lustig

Streugasse – 49

Owner 1932:  Bernhard Lustig

Bernhard Lustig was cattle trader, in the 1920ties he acted as head of the Israelitic Cultus Community. He had three children. His son Herbert already in 1924 emigrated to Tel Aviv, son Ludwig died at age 20 in Frankenthal, but is buried in Unsleben. His daughter Martha was able still in 1940 to emigrated together with her husband to the USA.
He himself after the death of his wife Lina in 1937 moved to his sister in law and had with her even a emigration visa to Cuba, but was deported from Leipzig to Theresienstadt in 1942, where he died Oct. 4, 1942.

Karl Mittel I

Karl Mittel I

Streugasse – 45

Owner 1932:  Karl Mittel I

Karl Mittel I (1855) was a cattle trader and farmer and already high in age.
He lived with his wife Babette (1860) in his parents’ home. His sons Theo and Josef managed the vinegar firm in the neighboring property.
In 1939 they succeeded to emigrate via Luxemburg, France to the USA.

Salomon Krämer

Streugasse- 54

Owner 1932: Salomon Krämer

Salomon Krämer was a tradesman. His daughter Ilse(1921) moved in 1937 to Niederklein in Hessia. He emigrated with his wife Meta(1893) and son Martin(1921) in 1937 to the USA.

On the same property in a rear building lived Aaron Engel(1864) with his wife Jeanette(1867). He was shoemaker and managed also the bakery for unleavened bread. He died in 1932 , his wife in 1942. She was the last burial in the cemetery for Jews in Unsleben. They lost her son Alfred at his age of 20 years in first world war in a battle in Romania.