70 Mühlweg

Owner 1932: Karl Mittel II

Karl Mittel II(1866) was farmer and a trader in cordage. With him in business was his oldest son Siegfried(1897). He himself already died in 1927, his wife Sarchen followed him in 1933. The family has been also called Wasser (=water)­Mittel to differentiate them from other Mittels, because they lived near the river. The home already has been owned by Jews as early as the beginning of the 19th century. The family accepted in 1817 the name Rosenbaum, later Wolf Brandis from Maßbach married into that family. Evidence for an old Jewish home is an inscription engraved in a bar of the upper story which says: Jud From Abraham Simon B.H. 1806″, above is the iron cross. The interpretation could be, that the jew From, son of Abraham Simon, took part and died in the Napoleon wars of that time. The B H means „Buried here”,an old Jewish formula on gravestones.

The sons of Karl Mittel II, Siefried (1897), Ernst (1904) and Benno (1910) emigrated in 1937 to France and there at least one of them became a legionary.