87 Enggasse

Ludwig Naumann (1895) together with his brothers Nathan and Otto managed the Gärtner firm. He left Germany in 1937 evidently to prepare the emigration of his family.
The history of his emigration is as follows:
18.  8.1937  filed a motion to get free from military service because of emigration plans
28. 8.1937 citation to the county office with passport
2. 9.1937   National Bank branch Würzburg ok
3. 9.1937   IRS Würzburg still no
4. 9.1937   Local IRS ok
7. 9.1937   county office of NSDAP ok
8. 9.1937   Gestapo ok
6.10.1937  IRS Würzburg ok
14.10.1937  Passport valid until 14.10.1938
22.10.1938  county office reports to the Gestapo emigration on 20.10.1937 to NY
22.5.1939   German Consulate N.Y. reports the prolongation of passport by one year.

Half a year (27.4.1938) later his wife Hilde Naumann(1897) applied with her three children Fanny Lotte (1925), Ruth(1928) and Fritz (1930) the emigration to the USA.
In her passport from 28.5.1935 she had a transit visa for France and three money order entries to NY, each 10 Mark, had been made from the post office of Unsleben and Mellrichstadt.
Her emigration application went as follows:
6.5.38      local IRS ok
10.5.38     National bank branch   ok
12.5.38     IRS Würzburg still not ok
12.5.38     Gestapo ok
18.5.38     county office of the NSDAP ok
22.6.38     IRS Würzburg ok
29.6.38     departure