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Reports from the history of the Jewish community
Reproduced from the Alemannia-judaica


From the history of the Jewish teacher and prayer leader and school

1. New construction of the school building in Unsleben (1838)
Articles in “Allgemeine Zeitung of Judaism” of 7 August 1838.
“Unsleben started in these days to build a new school building for the Jewish community, the royal government has directed 200 guilders from the county school endowment fund to do so, But the issue is still far from fulfilled, let that humanitarians accrue some support for the community. “

2. Vacancy for a Hilfsvorbeters (1900)
Advertisement in the magazine “The Israelite” of 20 August 1900:
“The Jewish community Unsleben, district Lower Franconia, are searching for upcoming Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur holidays a Hilfsvorbeter, to perform Schacharit  prayers. Offers with content claims are submitted as soon as possible to Kultusvorstand Herrmann Liebenthal. “

From the time of the teacher Maier Blumenthal
Note: Maier (Meier) Blumenthal is the son of the teacher Lazarus Blumenthal  born in
Laudenbach on Mainon March 26, 1876. He settled on the Israelite Lehrerbildungsanstalt in Würzburg for teachers trained (Exam 1895) and was from 1906 Religion / elementary school teacher in Unsleben (previously probably in Poppenlauer ). He was married to Selma nee Lehmann (born 1880 in Wenkheim). The end of 1935 he moved to Würzburg. He emigrated with his wife, in December 1939 in the USA (New York), where he died on 18th October 1945.

3. Promotion of the teacher Maier Blumenthal (1920)
Article in the magazine “The Israelite” of 9 September (1920). “Unsleben, August 12 The Israelite schoolteacher M. Blumenthal was promoted by the government to head teacher and with effect from 1 April 1920 from the VIII content group. classifiable “.

4. Appointment of teachers to Blumenthal Headteacher (Mai 1931)
Message in the magazine “The Israelite” of 21 May 1931″. Unsleben, May 11 (1931) main teachers Blumenthal was appointed senior teacher from 1 May.”

5. Message in the “Bavarian Jewish community newspaper” of 15 May 1931 Personnel. Mr Blumenthal in Unsleben was appointed senior teacher from 1 May. Roberg (Höchberg) was entrusted with the decay of Thüngen.”

6. 25th anniversary of local teachers Blumenthal (December, 1931)
Message in the “Bavarian Jewish community newspaper” from December 1, 1931 “. Personnel On December 1st celebrates Headteacher Blumenthal (Unsleben) its 25th anniversary location.”

7. Award for teachers Blumenthal (December 1931)
Message in the “Bavarian Jewish community newspaper” 15 December 1931 “On the occasion of his 25th place anniversary colleague Blumenthal (Unsleben) of community and association was very honored and awarded by the rabbinate with Chower title The same award received our colleague Hammelburger (Ichenhausen. ) on the occasion of his 50th birthday. “

8. Head Teacher Max Rosenbaum comes Unsleben (1936)
Articles in “Bavarian Jewish community newspaper” of 15 January 1936: “Head Teacher Max Rosenbaum in Thüngen has been appointed Head of the Jewish elementary school from 1 February in Unsleben.”

Obituaries for teachers Maier Blumenthal (1945 in New York)

9. Display in the American Jewish magazine “The structure” of 2 November 1945:
“Our revered senior teacher and cantor, Mr. Maier Blumenthal has passed away after a long illness on 18 October 1945. In his 28-years of tireless activity, he has earned the respect and love of his community. His work will live on, connected to our everlasting gratitude. The members of the former Jewish community Unsleben in New York. “

10. Display in the American Jewish magazine “The structure” of 2 November 1945:
“On October 18, 1945 at the age of 69 after a brief illness my memorable, good-hearted man, our dear, good father, father and grandfather Maier Blumenthal, senior teacher passed away. On behalf of the deeply grieving families:
Selma Blumenthal née Lehmann
Larry Blumenthal and Ms. Ruth born Suss
Felix Blumenthal and Ms. Alice nee Hirsch
Armin Blumenthal and 3 grandchildren. 

From the Jewish community and social life

11. General report from the Jewish community (1837)

Note: This report was prepared by Dr. Lazarus Adler (born November 10, 1810 in Unsleben, died January 5, 1886 in Wiesbaden.). Dr. Adler was in the 1830s assistant of his father – Rabbi Naphtali Hirsch Adler – in Unsleben (he was for several years not appointing a rabbi; 1838 he was a co-signer “Munich Petition” of 17 jobless Rabbinatskandidaten); Dr. Adler was since 1840 rabbi district Bad Kissingen , 1852-1884 Country rabbi in Kassel.

Articles in “Allgemeine Zeitung of Judaism” of 2 September 1837 “(From Unsleben, in Untermain circles) Mr. Editor When not enough to praise tendency of your hand I may assume that you not only such historical events and actions.! which promise significant success and are generally important, but also those which have fewer episodes, but none stand out less than encouraging signs of advanced education, to grant reception. even your readers, I believe, will not hear aspirations without pleasure, which is since giving known where one is entitled not to be expected. Maybe the way is also likely that what I tell you here have the pleasure to be not entirely unsuccessful and in many ways to improve Jewish relations beneficial. for six months there namely in the local not very large Jewish rural community an ‘Israelite charity’, the level of observation in its double tendency and worthy of emulation is (Note: It is this way in Untermain circles not the only or even the first. For a long time there is already a similar (but only in one direction) to Werneck, launched by Mr W. Kohn there). There live here hardly 40 families, and of course also the number of the club members should not be serious. The same counted at its birth 30 members, of which but since then emigrated to America 2. The tendency of the association is, as I said, a double, a civic and religious. In his first tendency, the association will set up a fund to be for whatever poor youths supported when they are too poor to learn the craft, to which they have tendency; or a lack of resources to go to the wandering, or also the necessary hand tools to create itself. Incidentally, the club acknowledges these uses only a preference, but does not exclude other boons, and sick or otherwise unhappy can see per the articles support. Also, not only on the local site, the effectiveness of the association is limited, but also Foreign can apply for it; as well as Foreign can enter as members of the same. That this would happen is much to be desired, and also would have also no great fruits to promise at least for a long time. As in the course of this short time the number of members has been reduced by emigration, so it stands before an even greater reduction in the coming years. Our youth are too many difficulties in establishing themselves in the way, and since the association, other than a few individuals, composed of unmarried individuals, but of these many, relief expecting to emigrate to North America itself obliged to, so he might, if not, Incidentally we hope in our country even facilitate the Israelites, many of its members lose. But the association of support without being required by external contributions. So small is the number of parishioners, so weak are their financial circumstances, and are only small contributions that can take them to their weak forces. And I can not help the desire and please express that but my fellow believers want to give some participation this, the general well-ordained institution! Truly, gifts, as they are not respected by many, would make this already important services, giving it life and strength. I know that there are currently no lack of noble-minded and charitable men, not men that bring a great sacrifice itself is not shy when it comes the salvation of Israel. Would this it not cleave beneath their dignity and for too fussy to support this institution, whether through donations or by regular contributions! The editors will certainly have the goodness, every contribution that would not be sent directly here to accept and deliver Teams (Note: we are very happy to agree to this, the editors.) With this.

12. more bourgeois tendency to promote the learning of crafts among Israelites, is now also a religious connected, and in order to be able to appreciate properly, we need to say a few words about the ecclesiastical affairs of the Israelites in Untermain circles. We are in fact in the whole circle, with the exception of some regional courts, which form the district Aschaffenburg, without any, or at least as good as without rabbis. Although this applies literally only a part, while the other is under a rabbi; Only the difference is due only to the fact that they must remunerates one, but those need to remunerates also no. Have from a rabbi, if indeed this means something, than that a rabbi oversees worship and schools, conducts and improved that a rabbi teaches, warns and cautions may, as is well known – the whole circle, with the exception of that district, no his language. Of the nearly 18,000 Jewish souls who live in the Lower Main circuits, likely about 1500-2000 in the true sense have a rabbi. The remaining 16,000, say sixteen thousand Jewish souls are in the exercise of worship, such as the teaching of religion, only abandoned. The latter is indeed provided by audited Jewish religion teachers, which are formed in the seminar. Only one bears in mind that the seminar itself (as well as in all hierländischen Jewish educational institutions) in the Jewish religion itself no instruction is given. But the teacher has yet to know a little more than the religious book of Alex. Beer to have learned by heart to be able to more than just some passages translate and analyze. But more is that religion concerning, in the tests, as far as I know, not before. Here, however, other objects because the marks are counted do occur, and so is quite possible that the Wagschalen maintain balance, even though the pound of religion is not full importance. We are not meant to want to make the Royal Government hereby reproach.Nothing could be more unfair than this. Had no ecclesiastical authority because, as takes and the Royal Government would provide such a remedy, and certainly the evil able; but it’s a because, only that it does nothing, nothing can afford. The accusation can thus only the rabbi or the municipalities, ie the Israelites of Lower Main circuit itself. The rabbi, he is no longer true now certainly because he justify his age and health conditions. But the communities have long since if them religion is not indifferent object report must pay over the state of affairs of the government, and will seek to fill the Rabbinatsstellen. What good is it if candidates do this as often and made more so pure intent, they will always be suspected that only the desire for an office were speaking of them, and not easy to find faith and hearing. But, as it stands now, who are the community’s belief that the teachers do their duty and provide sufficient religious instruction? What guarantee them whether the religion which they teach, also Jewish is? who protects them, that not many teachers disciples Präparandenlehrers are the Lord Stern to Heidingsfeld? (Note: As is known, this addition has recognized the Trinity as a doctrine of Judaism in a letter to the Jewish theologians now that he himself is still a teacher, so we do not know whether his Präparanden teach in his sense). But we come to far from our object from, or I’m already so far off that I must ask the reader to excuse. But who should at the slightest touch of a field do not get lost on it, which is covered so completely undeveloped and wild, because not even a surfaced path shows up? Or, to speak without a picture, which Israelite in Untermain circles, which is a matter of indifference for his religion is not and only now and then think about it, should not be so full of it that he sees to speak at every opportunity which led to? ” (conclusion follows).

13. Articles in “Allgemeine Zeitung of Judaism” of 16 September 1837 (from Unsleben, in Untermain circles.) Circuit. One might – now that I have to remark – even accuse me herein selfish intentions, because I am one of the many candidates who wait in Untermain circles on site, and I confess that the apprehension of such suspected me long swaying made whether I should touch this point publicly, and might have also retained, if not an inner, and I believe I may say, better voice zuriefe me that, who would take on the judgment Aller consideration, never something could be done for the public good. There is hardly a good work, which would not wrest a side from which degraded their motives and the merit of the author could be diminished. The wise will also see well that I hurt myself, more than can avail. God is my witness also, and the good people of my insurance believe that only in the interest of our holy cause I express myself about this and make this communication. Maybe she finds imitation, perhaps it stimulates some candidates to provide a similar manner to a sphere, as I have now done it here. After these remarks sent ahead namely everyone sees as neglected is the service and how much it lacks policy. How much it urged me to mitigate this evil at least as far as possible, I need to say None who has a heart that is not indifferent beats for Israel and his sanctuary. But I wanted so much I at my good local people whose love and confidence make me truly happy, could ill afford to, I did not exceed the bounds of the private man, and held me in these boundaries, only that I from time to time preached in not short intervals. You will perhaps tell me that I would have it every holiday can do alone who think careful about it, it will not be that advisable that the candidate often and as a real priest in the church preaching, in which he is not employed. All scruples, however, are eliminated by the religious trend that we have connected to our teams. It all holidays and feast Namely held a devotional hour in the synagogue, which does not take the place of worship, but to fill a gap in the same – instruction and edification. Of course, to back a fragment and flawed, but an old saying goes: Better something, if only slightly, than nothing! In this edification hour – as we called it – every Sabbath will be held a lecture. and a prayer in German done. To input a psalm is recited and also to the close, in their place, however, can, if the conditions allow it, according to the articles, contact German songs. In this meeting, I and everyone who will be tasked can we to give lectures, although not employed, but to teach as a friend, as a – priest admonish and warn, admonish and teach. I can not and must remember that I am a candidate and a private citizen – I’m in my office, am a dignified way, chosen by the Assembly itself to. And the bigger it is, the more my confidence grows and the proof is given to me, that policy was wanted. This testimony I can now also be with a clear conscience the Israelites local map. Although a few hours after the church services this edification hour will be held, so not only the entire youth, but also most of the remaining Jewish population found but both sexes at the same.

14. on. And it also creates even the advantage that the unmarried female sex go to the synagogue, and not, as is the case throughout most of the circles, do not enter a house of worship throughout the year. Of course there are sometimes some who find it beneath them or against their convenience, such private devotion, although publicly held, attend; Only her retardation may annoy us so little and make unwilling, as we may be by their indifference or even counteraction cringe us in our quest and discouraged. So did I even created my sacred sphere in which I can the responsibility of the professionals, I dedicated power and life. Would many of my gentlemen imitate me, verily it will never repent. The enjoyment is great to this sphere has, more than content and Belobungsschreiben grant it to us. We can act and have the awareness of what we do, have done for God’s glory and for the salvation of Israel of their own accord and pure intent. Without success, such an engagement, less than any other stay. My Church does not demand anything from me, but only wants policy, and I call anything from her, only demand attention. I fulfill her wish with pleasure, and you do not find it difficult to comply with my request. Should not emerge many salutary from such relationships? I surrender to at least the sweet hope, and with God’s help I will also not be disappointed in my hope! Dr. L. Adler “

In the following article, Dr. Adler describes the situation of the Jewish rural communities in view, among other things with regard to the then existing large financial burden, which also led, that in many communities no Jewish elementary schools were founded.

15. Articles in “Allgemeine Zeitung of Judaism” of 5 September 1837

“Rejoinder in No. 28 of this newspaper expresses a reporter from ‘Munich on the school system’ as follows: ‘that so far not all religious schools were combined with the elementary schools, seeing that the teacher can usually understand both, and also know the beautiful fruits of such already united schools, it is often the part of the municipality of hindrance that has no school-age children, so these people and so merely to grade ‘.

We can not fail to say that the particulars of the cause materialized only in few cases. But the main and almost sole cause is the existing law that no Jewish elementary teacher may be remunerated with less than 300 guilders. This holding of the association in most communities back namely the part of the community, has which school-age children, no less than that which has not, because both parts of the load would be too difficult to grant such salary. Dignity of the royal government, this law repealed, and the Jewish teachers like the Christian one in regard to the number and asset situation of church members proportionate content determines or give permits, they would soon enough schools in Bavaria be in which that separation still instead has, or it would have very different circumstances prevent it, such as the symptoms of the Christian community. Writer of this it knows from experience. Evidence also provides the fact that where there is not too much beyond the strengths of the community, to give 300 florins, that union is already really occurred. The Israelites in Bayern do indeed their duty as to the school system. We must each confess who judges impartially herein. In most rural municipalities (Note: from the big cities, we are not talking), the not well-off Israelite, even if he has no children, and the content is not 300 florins to pay 8-12 guilders. you now close to having children, or has some assets, or if the full content was added to 300 guilders, and ask whether a member of any Christian country church, with or without children of school age, such an issue for the conservation of have to deny teachers. It is certainly an exaggerated requirement when (is stronger largely a Jewish elementary school) of municipalities to 15-30 members demanded that they should give 300 florins salary, free apartment, free wood, etc., while from the Christian community, which 200 is -300 powerful, it has foundations and existing land, and

16. brings the yield as village clerk in stop, the teacher – only 250 guilders, sometimes more, sometimes refers less than content. To illustrate what has been said, I take the liberty, for example the local community (Unsleben) to lead, which, incidentally, has an elementary school, which is why the accusation of partiality or self-interest can not hit me. In this, which does not count much more than 40 families, and must maintain a united and elementary religious school, it is the father who is 1,000 guilders rich, and has no school-age children, more than 15 florins; to the one who is penniless and only as much earned as he needs, but one or two children of school age has, not less. They are mostly, and are they all artisans and farmers, as are their Christian neighbors; while they have also charges for Education, Cultural Affairs and poor box, while still controlling and payable protection money to a great extent; while leaving build a schoolhouse, etc. Then you can have, I believe, make a hinlänglichen term as not indifference for the school is quite as many other municipalities, especially if it is one of only 10:20 Family members, refuses take a teacher who must be remunerated with three hundred guilders. So much for the correction of cited statement.

I am, however, come again to speak on this subject, so I may be permitted to add to my brethren, a few words to add draw the attention of noble and good men on a point of well deserved attention. From the above it is clear already how oppressive is the location of most of the Jewish communities in the country, and how difficult it them fall to deny the issue, which they need to make before they even get to their domestic use. But this is in reality far sadder than I indicated here, and when – what we incidentally confidently still hope in Bavaria during this long day – not soon to an improvement in our conditions, it is highly deplorable. From all communities migrate from people and make them even poorer in members and money. But if, as we are entitled to expect from the justice of our King and the humanity of our estates in Bavaria, an improvement in our relations or even an equality comes to us. as well the evil is reduced by much, but are not completely lifted. Is still the position of the Jewish families and especially in the country, except for some few rich, be a highly deplorable. When the Jewish hand recruiters and economist expending a considerable sum, which is not up to his Christian neighbor, with which it operates the same business; how can he can still exist and get along next to this? Now let us take additional difficulty that, in some countries at a time purely hope is taken to equality again, like so that they carry away even their bourgeois pressure and continue to tolerate under bourgeois limitations: so this initiative is enough to think it, at least as far as our Nine Lives, poor co-religionists to procure on its own or by way of law relief. This could happen if a spread Support Association for Jewish worship and Jewish school would set up, headed, of course, the first men would put under Israel. It seems many perhaps fantastic, but just think about it calmly, and the possibility of execution, as the wholesomeness of his work will doubt no more. It can here my intention is not to design a detailed plan or to undergo a formal request; I satisfy myself for now, to have indicated it, in the hope that a man of reputation and talent will take care of further implementation. Perhaps Sir editor of this newspaper should even feel prompted.

Unsleben in July 1837. Dr. L. Adler. “

Proposals of Moses and Mathilde Gärtner’schen dowry Foundation (1936)

17. Notice in the “Bavarian Jewish community newspaper” from December 1, 1936:
“Jewish Community Unsleben notice.
Subject: Dowry Foundation of Moses and Mathilde Gärtner’schen spouses to Unsleben From the aforementioned Foundation are for 1936 124.50 RM Interest incurred. In the Jewish community Unsleben to Jewish girls have the purpose of grant of this amount is not advertised. After disposal of the deceased therefore Jewish girl be invited to the districts of Neustadt ad Saale and Mellrichstadt to apply. The allocation can be made only to girls who already the 20th.  have reached the age required is:. worthiness and integrity of the applicant and the exclusive use of the amount of dowry procurement the allocation of Kultusvorstand the municipality Unsleben decide in conjunction with the Distriktsrabbinat in Bad Kissingen applicants will be invited to present its application to this effect to 15 December lodged with the undersigned. the board of the Jewish community: Josef means.” 

On individuals from the community
On the death of Jette angel born Alsbacher (1908)

18. Article in the magazine “The Israelite” of 10 December 1908:
Unsleben , 21 November (1908) Am. Shabbat Parshat Chayei Sarah(= Shabbat the Torah Chaje Sara = 1. Mose 23.1 to 25.18 di! Saturday, November 21, 1908) died here after a short illness Miss Jette angel born Alsbacher, at the age of 85 years. in its very nature it was a type genuine Jewish thought and life, as well as such in her father’s house, the former Rabbi Rabbi Yitzhak – blessed memory – had seen in front of the home Gone enjoyed if their modest and pleasing essence here spatially widespread popularity and respect what the numerous participation at the funeral provided the best proof your soul is involved in the covenant of life… “

Golden wedding of Charles and Babette means born Rosenstock (1931)

19. Articles in “Bavarian Jewish community newspaper” 15 December 1931:
“Unsleben . Head Master M. Blumenthal writes: In rare physical vigor and mental acuity Karl agent and wife Babette born Rosenstock commit on November 8, the feast of golden wedding. the golden jubilee couple enjoys widespread popularity and respect. in his preference for agricultural work to the honoree operated in youth fresh creative joy in the agricultural and livestock business in the meticulous care of his cattle stand. An impressive number of years he worked in the Israeli religious administration, further than admirable Hilfsvorbeter what he always turned in a disinterested manner. Even today accepts the cheers couple regularly share in the synagogue prayers and both are due to their musical understanding and religious feeling as a grateful audience of Kantor and choral singing in the synagogue. with the greatest assiduity and conscientious care carries the honoree in the care of the ancestral traditions and customs in the community. We wish the cheers couple in great veneration a blessed old age in unchanging vigor and health ad MeOH w’esrim schono. (sc. to 120 years) “


On the death of Mrs Low (1935)

20. Note: the operations referred to in this article means woman is not the same as Babette means born Rosenstock
(Notice of Elisabeth Böhrer). Message in the “Bavarian Jewish community newspaper” of 15 November 1935: “go to press, we received the sad news from home pending the widow of our former team member, Mrs Mid (Unsleben) in 80 years we are speaking at this point the relatives our heartfelt. condolences. “

Listings Jewish businesses and individuals
Display of 1872

21. Advertisement in the magazine “The Israelite” from 1 May 1872:
“A young man who ended his three-year apprenticeship in a mixed goods stores, looking for job as a clerk, no matter what industry offers beliebe you kindly poste restante Unsleben in Bavaria under cipher IB to send.”

Display of cheese wholesale-business J. Liebenthal (1890).

22. Advertisement in the magazine “The Israelite” of 23 October 1890:
“For now Contor my cheese wholesale-business, which on Shabbat and holidays is closed, I’m looking for an apprentice with the necessary technical knowledge under very favourable conditions.
J. Liebenthal, Unsleben in Bavaria.”
These additional documents cheese shop J. Liebenthal (founded in 1838)
(from the collection of Peter Karl Müller, Kirchheim / Ries):

23. Visit announcement of a corporate representative of the company. Liebenthal in Kiel (1911)
The card was sent on 3 November 1911 by Unsleben to Kiel. It enumerates the former range ( “Fabrication of Limburger, Emmenthal and Swiss cheese”) and the year the company was founded ( “established in 1838”).

24. Order card to the Fa iron Heimer Eisenhandlung in Schweinfurt (1886)
The map was made by J. Liebenthal on October 5, 1886
sent to Schweinfurt.

25.  Journeyman search of Schuhmachermeister Aron Angel (1900)
Advertisement in the magazine “The Israelite” of 23 May 1900: “For immediate entry,  an able shoemaker assistant is required. Aron Engel, shoemaker, Unsleben, Bayern.”

26. Apprentice search of grain and flour business Gebr. Gardener (1900)
Advertisement in the magazine “The Israelite” of 13 August 1900: “Wanted for our grain and flour business for immediate entry under favourable conditions an apprentice, from a good family with free board and lodging; Saturdays and Israelite Holidays strictly closed .Annual not particularly desirable. Gebrüder gardener Unsleben, lower Franconia.


27. reminders of the emigrations in the 19th century
grave stone in New York for Nathan middleware from Unsleben (1820-1900) and Mathilda middleware from Nordheim (1830-1894)
Note: the grave is located in a Jewish cemetery in NY-Brooklyn; the birth name of Nathan and Mathilda middleware are not communicated.
Grave stone “in memory of our Dear Father
Nathan Middle
Born in Unsleben Bavaria April 25th 1820
Died July11th 1900″
“In Memory of My Beloved Wife and our Dear Mother
Mathilda Middle
Born in Nordheim Bavaria Nov. 4th 1830
Died Feb. 6th 1894″.

28. From an article in the “Allgemeine Zeitung of Judaism” of August 8, 1865:
“By now lives Bamberger as locum tenens in Rabbinatsbezirke like a pasha It provides a formal hunt to all synagogues, allow their wives a free view in the lower rooms. . Even the church had Unsleben the supported by judicial measures suggestion Bamberger fit and disfigure her beautiful new synagogue by grating the women’s gallery. and again looking to the community Maßbach which is not among the so-called ‘new’, but healthy and sensible has elements in it, to compel, to provide their recently renovated synagogue same vigilantes. the always paired with the hierarchy orthodoxy loves now even that impose.”

29. From the magazine “The Israelite” of 6 September 1865:
“From the hall base . One who always Splitter blames on others, his own but overlooks meets justly reproach … and this call, we now also produces the correspondents ‘Off Unterfranken’ in no. 32 of the ‘general’ fare, the accused Jesuit secret paths through the Lord Rabbi Bamberger, as Rabbinatsverweser to Kissingen, and goes out his son in gallsüchtiger way, and the so-called Hyperorthodoxen of Benützens while with his audience maltreated open falsehoods, and thereby as a traitor expressed. is it true, Mr. Rabbi has now really made a formal hounding of all synagogues, allow their wives galleries a clear view in the lower rooms? According to the principle ‘ a minority represents all ‘ (. free WPA) reduces the correspondent even his’ all synagogues’ to 2, but the Lord knows correspondent sure what to expect with right of him but that Mr. Rabbi Bamberger on the community Unsleben the suggestion made, their wife gallery lattice? Does he assured that he was blaming the other hand, Protestant church court, and he knows reliable that characterised this beautiful new synagogue was defaced truthful? No all know the Lord correspondent neither safe nor certain. We tell him instead that his desfallsiges Unit word for word invented and is refracted by the fence. Mr. Rabbi Bamberger, as we listened to a competent body, either before by still, still now, either orally or in writing the municipality Unsleben for grating their women’s gallery, which he never even seen, prompts, and so could also of course from an official execution no question. The women’s gallery of the synagogue there was provided rather from the outset with appropriate curtains, and it was not the blessed Rabbi Dr. Lippmann, even the current Lord locum tenens Bamberger one ever to oppose the other hand, let to make a formal hunt and to requisition court help .. . “